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Ferritico arranges courses focusing on AI and how the technology can be leveraged within development, manufacturing and implementation of steel. The courses target understanding of the fundamentals of AI including baseline technology and mathematics concepts. Different branches of AI are presented and how they are applied and combined with conventional steel modelling technology to solve steel industry challenges. Successful industry implementations, AI limitations and future possibilities are featured.


Open digital courses are provided continuously. In addition, customized courses are offered to individual organizations exclusively, where the course content can be adjusted according to customer preferences. Customized sessions are offered digitally and physically.     



​Ferritico provides consultancy projects where novel steel is developed in collaboration with the customer. An integrated computational materials engineering ICME methodology is applied, where metallurgical expertise and simulation software is combined to efficiently develop market leading steels.


An ICME toolbox is tailored for the specific project, leveraging the  Ferritico AI SaaS, third party FEM and physical modelling software and customized AI modules being developed by Ferritico.


The Ferritico consultancy services enable the customer to speed up product development. Customers are supported in leveraging AI and simulation driven steel design long-term for property, cost and sustainability optimization.

Data strategy
Steel development
ML Strategy


Ferritico conducts pre-studies and supports customers in defining strategies, targets and roadmaps for AI steel simulation  implementation. Cost, sustainability and steel property optimization opportunities are outlined for AI simulation implementation within steel development, manufacturing and implementation processes respectively. Ferritico and third-party simulation software are evaluated for critical use-cases and supplementary simulation solutions are designed.



Ferritico develops and hosts customized AI simulation modules. The modules are either customized versions of the generic Ferritico SaaS modules or built from scratch, e.g. digital twin models built on customer process data.

Ferritico designs exclusive versions of the SaaS modules where the customized modules are optimized for customer specific use-cases, e.g. boosted accuracy for prioritized design space or steel grade family. Model fine-tuning, customer data integration and open-literature data are used to boost simulation metrics and modules are hosted exclusively for the customer in the Ferritico SaaS.   

Ferritico supports customers in leveraging production process and R&D data through development of customized AI simulation modules. The modules mimic the correlation between process configuration, material and output target properties and enable digital process engineering and optimization candidate generation. 

Federated Learning


Ferritico has vast experience of managing steel database development projects including optimization of experimental test matrixes using AI and physical metallurgy. The Ferritico generated experimental and synthetic data supplements and make customer data sets complete before entering AI modelling.

Ferritico steel data services are applied for Finite Element Method (FEM) simulation purposes. Granular and grade specific steel data is provided to enable steel grade benchmarking for thermophysical processing in FEM software.  Manual data files and steel data API:s are available in standard FEM software materials data file formats.

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